Military dating scams, what you need to know!

If you have got it in your mind that you want a man in the uniform of the U.S. Military then there are many online dating sites that are in fact legitimate dating sites but as of late there have also been a fair amount of Military dating site scams popping up!

TIPS TO AVOID THESE SCAMS: When you go about looking at the wide array of new, purported to be military dating sites, it is important to keep certain things in mind. Scammers are everywhere and because military men are sought after for their status and security, not just in the world on online dating sites, but everywhere; scams do exist! Although, we do agree that scams of this nature are particularly disturbing and when or if we find such sites we are committed to plastering the name off those sites our scam dating list for all to see.

Nobody should be playing games with you when it comes to misrepresenting the U.S. Military
Nobody should be playing games with you when it comes to misrepresenting service members. 

WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND WHAT TO AVOID: Here is the bottom line. A bit of due diligence will help you find real military men and avoid the sites faking that they have a large database of REAL Military members.

REVIEWS: Compare a few reputable dating review sites such as ours to other reputable sites. This is another reputable source. Compare each site and the reviews for those dating sites.

When at all possible read actual user experiences and don’t just rely on our opinions.

VERIFYING SOMEONES STATUS: Military personnel will invariably have an email id that ends in .mil. Ask for his. If he/she cannot provide you with one then that’s a red flag for you to consider. Ask purported military men for their rank and number. Sometimes it’s the site itself that is a scam and then in other cases the scam has been the person themselves who is lying about their status as either being a former member of the military or a current one.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: Online databases have made it easy to verify many things such as financial standing, marital status, and deaths in a family, etc. For instance, if a person claims that he has been recently divorced; and this is a common trick to elicit sympathy, then ask for divorce records or visit the relevant website to get information on the divorce decree. Check out our list of some of the top online dating scams here.

WATCH FOR THE SIGNS: Scamsters try all sorts of tricks to suck money out of online daters. If a person claiming to be a military man asks you for money; for whatever reason, it should alert you to cease all contact. What kind of man asks for loan from an online date that he has not even met?

A very common excuse given by scammers to avoid answering questions on the nature of their work or location is that they are under cover. Obviously that should raise HUGE alarm bells. If they are undercover then are they not running a risk of having the cover blown by chatting up folks on online dating sites. I mean really folks!

Make sure to check out the best online dating site for meeting military guys and gals with our military dating site reviews.

OUR ENDORSEMENTS: A few leading sites we can endorse are, which is one of the leading sites online to meet men in the U.S. military.  Also MilitarySinglesConnection has been a widely recognized site that by most account has a good reputation. Please also make sure to leave your own actual user experiences here at those review links above! The best reviews come from past members and that is what Jason Lee’s dating website review is all about. That is sharing information to protect each other from getting screwed by online dating sites.

OTHER GREAT OPTIONS: Another thing to keep in mind is that by the sheer numbers has the most military singles of any site out there. This is simply because is so, so much larger than other dating sites. Using the useful Matchwords search feature only at, you can simply input the search terms you want. Try Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force and this will render thousands of matches! (Read our detailed review or check out the latest promo code) - View Photos of Singles Free Discount – 20% Off Discount

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