First dates and cold weather, how to make a warm impression…5 Holiday date ideas

They are coming, the holidays are on their way friends! With that in mind here are some great Holiday date ideas…

Stir up some romance with these cold weather date ideas
Stir up some romance with these cold weather date ideas

Dating in the holiday season is just more special. The colder it gets, the more everybody gets the need to go on a quest for love: nobody wants to be alone with Christmas. But in all that cold weather, your dates might suffer under the temperature. What’s the perfect winter holiday date idea? We’ll give you five solid ideas to try out this winter.

Go ice-skating

Ice-skating is the classic winter date. It’s got ice, the cold and graciousness (or clumsiness) all rolled into one date. And well, it’s really easy to bump into each other in a romantic fashion. Ice-skating hence forms the perfect excuse for a close encounter with the potential love of your life.

Try your luck in the casino

The casino is the ideal place to go do something with that extra bonus that you received for excellent results in the past year. It has two upsides: you get the adrenaline rushing together with your date, and you have the chance of actually making money – on a date!

Play in the snow

There’s a reason that snow is seen as one of the most romantic weather setting. With snow around, there’s plenty to do. Go skiing, build a snow cave to cuddle up in or just have a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Afterwards you’ll be dying to warm each other up with a good warm cup of hot cocoa.

Go to a cooking class

With Christmas or Thanksgiving coming up, it’s always good to check up on your cooking skills and refine them. The best way of doing that is by going to a cooking class together. You’ll have great fun, eat delightfully and learn something in the process.

Go to the cinema

Stay warm this holiday with someone special!
Stay warm this holiday with someone special!

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to check out a great movie at the cinema. Whether it’s the latest sequel to the Home Alone series, or a romantic comedy that breathes the entire holiday spirit. And especially romantic movies form the perfect opportunity to snuggle up to your date.

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