East meets West, What is online dating like in China?

5 interesting things about Chinese Online dating sites….and some of the top sites!

A world away, online dating is growing as well!
A world away, online dating is growing as well!

 So what is online dating like in China?

Chinese dating sites are popping up across the country, and even have international ambitions. Who can blame them? They fulfill the needs of millions of Chinese that are looking for love, both in and outside the country. Chinese dating sites can be different from Western ones, especially due to cultural differences. We give you the low down in this article.

Things take time in China

Chinese women and men alike generally like to take it slow. Trust is a vital part of Chinese culture and you need to take this into account on Chinese online dating sites. It will take a great deal of time before you can make the next step.

Love on Chinese dating sites is less direct

You will not experience any direct flirting on Chinese online dating sites. Flirting will be done indirectly, by giving subtle compliments that may or may not actually have to do (directly) with you as a person. Be honored if you receive them, but remind yourself that you can also use compliments to flirt back!

It is not always about love

In China, it’s generally still accepted to marry for different reasons than just love alone. Economical reasons, or status, can have a profound impact on the choice of Chinese daters to take it to the next step with someone, also on a Chinese dating site.

As you can expect, things are radically different.
As you can expect, things are radically different.

Policies drive online dating

China’s One Child Policy is a big motivation for a lot of Chinese to find a new love online. The policy makes it harder to find a suitable partner closer to home, and a lot of Chinese go on the World Wide Web to check out possible partners on the most popular Chinese dating sites.

The top sites

There are a lot of good Chinese dating sites out there, since there are – of course – a lot of Chinese to go around. One famous Chinese dating site is Chinesefriendfinder. It is a website that poses itself as a dating site specifically. Other popular sites are Jiayuan, Zhenai and Baihe. These sites tend to market themselves more as marriage sites. This also immediately highlights the Chinese online dating state of mind!

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