How to choose photos for your online dating profile!

Here is a brief video on the topic choosing the best photos for your online dating profile followed by an excerpt from, ‘Love Click’

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You’ve set up your profile heading and now the next step is to select the best picture to go with your profile. Your photo will be an important consideration so pay close attention to the pointers in order to choose the best photos in order to make the best first impression!

Choose photos with eye contact

You want to make a great impression and photos are critical!
You want to make a great impression and photos are critical!


In your pictures, the last thing you want to do is come across looking ‘boring’. A lot of people flirt through the expressiveness of their photos. If you choose to do so, make sure you make eye contact with the camera. Take some time here folks and ladies understand that even if you already gets lots of responses if you are having trouble finding the, ‘the right guy’ that is often because you are sending our the wrong message with you photos! People that make eye contact in online dating site photos get more responses on their profile period so take to the time to select photos where you are looking at the camera.

Take a ‘selfie’ but choose the right ones!

Pictures that are shot by you yourself are more likely to draw out responses. (and I do not mean bathroom mirror shots! The fact is self-taken pictures tend to have a nice angle that’s not conventional, which makes the picture more interesting. 

Tips: Take the shot from above, it makes you appear both taller and more slender.

Show your face (and smile)

This speaks for itself, I mean doesn’t it? We all like smiles! Smiles portray happiness and a positive vibe. Always use photos that show your face. Your face is the mirror of your personality, so if you choose pictures on which you’re nothing more than a distant dot, people will not be interested in you at all! 

Skin helps
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Photos are all about physical attraction and thus about sexiness. Showing skin but doing it in a classy way will help you in getting the motor running of some of your potential love leads!

However, do not….

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