5 of the Most Annoying Things Guys Say to Women on Online Dating Sites

You know you’ve heard these silly phrases before and like most they have probably annoyed you as well!

You better look like Brad Pitt if you say stupid shit like this....
(You better look like Brad Pitt if you say stupid shit)
  1. What’s a pretty girl like you doing still single

Guys commenting about a woman’s’ looks does them more harm than good sometimes. Just because a female is ‘still’ single, does not mean it’s because she is ugly or pretty. The two have nothing to do with one another. It is very annoying when a man assumes a good looking female can not be single, or if you are single and pretty, then you must be a freak. That train of thought is confusing and crazy. A woman might just be picky, and you might be the perfect guy to bring her out of her shell. Never underestimate feelings. Feelings can be tricky. A gorgeous person, may be very self conscious, and experienced in the dating world. So just be gentle please, all women are fragile and need gentleness. They all want to wake up the next day pretty much in the same way they were before they met you not in some emotional wrecked state. If men would remember that, they would get further than a lot of them do.

  1. I’ve never done anything like this before

When a statement such as this one is made, it implies that it is somewhat ridiculous to be on an online site looking for dates. That might be just a setup for a prank or a sick joke on the males’ part. It is a very vulnerable thing, going to an online dating site, do not let het think you are about to set her up.

  1. You look so familiar, have I seen you before

That is a corny line for, ‘I just can not think of anything else to talk about, and I don’t have much of a brain to think of anything better to say.

  1. You must have a date every single night of the week

There’s no reason to project your own wishes on her, maybe you’re the one that wants a date every single night of the week. I guarantee you, most women do not, at all; want a different man every single night of the week.

  1. I hate drama, I hope you’re not into a bunch of drama

When somebody mentions that they hate drama, it usually means they have a lot of experience with the thing they are talking about. Here; it’s drama. It is not necessary to state the thing one is not. If you are not full of *hit, there is no point in mentioning “hey I am not full of it.” It reminds me of the good old saying if someone walks right up to you and says, “You can trust me,” well the last thing anyone will do is trust that person. For some reason, there is no for sure equation, rhyme or reason to finding a great guy or gal online or in person. It is a fact, if one does not play, then one will never win. So try again on use with the special offer below!

Things guys say to women on online dating sites


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